A Simple Guide To Mounting Your Pressure Washer

A Wall-mounted pressure washer is ideal for anyone with limited space. The device usually has a medium weight and size. The weight and size ensure you can easily mount it to a wall. The best pressure washer machine for the wall mount uses electricity as its power source. Furthermore, the wall-mounted pressure washing machine can act as an excellent server for your cleaning duties. If you want to mount your pressure washing machine, here is a simple guide

1. Make sure you have all the tools ready for mounting your pressure washer

The essential tools are the brackets and screws. Most wall mounting pressure washing machines usually come with brackets and screws. You should also have a pencil for marking the exact spot you want to place the brackets. Other essential tools include; a power drill, level, and tape measure.

2. Determine the position where you want your pressure washer

The position should be near a power source and water source. Also, the wall where you decide to place your brackets should be sturdy enough to support the weight. Furthermore, there are pressure washing machines that are mountable and dismountable. It means that you can remove them from the wall as much as you would like. Thus, ensure that the position is sturdy enough to sustain the mounting works.

3. Mark the position where you want to put your brackets

Mark the exact position where you need your screws to be. Make sure that the screws are all in line. The level will help you with the leveling to ensure no slanting. Also, use a pencil to mark the position. The pencil marking will help you to avoid obvious mistakes. You can also use the brackets and screws to confirm that your chosen place is perfect

4. Drill holes

Use the power drill to drill holes in the perfect position. Ensure that the holes you drill are perfect for the screws. Also, make sure that the wall is dry when drilling the holes.

5. Screw in the bracket

After drilling the holes, you can begin to screw in the brackets. The purpose of the screws is to make sure that the brackets and the pressure washer stay in place. Use a screwdriver to fix the screws in the wall. Ensure to tighten the screws for safety purposes. Ensure that the brackets hold snugly against the wall. Also, check whether it is rattling or wriggling. In case you find that it is wriggling, tighten the screws further.

6. Attach the pressure washer

Once the bracket is firmly in place, attach the pressure washing machine. This step is very straightforward. You only need to slide the device into the brackets. Also, make sure that you put it in the correct position. Therefore, this step completes your pressure washing machine’s mounting processes.


The pressure washer mounting process is relatively straightforward. You can do it yourself as long as you have the brackets and screws. Most machines will come with their screws and brackets. Thus, you do not have to buy them separately. Furthermore, the above directives can help you efficiently mount your device.