Giraffe Tools Wall Mounted Pressure Washer: Key Properties Explained

A pressure washer is one of those machines that started as an industrial machine but has gradually found its way into many homes worldwide. These simple yet effective machines are known for getting rid of caked-up or toxic dirt that can cause health complications and lower your property value. They come in a variety of name brands, types, and specifications. Whether you buy or rent one, there’s no denying that the Giraffe Tools wall mounted pressure washer is a simple but highly efficient tool. However, some people don’t understand how this pressure washer¬†works or why they are popular.

Critical properties of a Giraffe Tools wall mounted pressure washer

The Giraffe Tools wall mounted pressure washer is a simple machine to use. However, to fully appreciate its abilities, one must understand what makes it powerful, efficient, and easy to use. This article will define all the critical properties of the pressure washer to help you better understand why it is a popular tool loved by many homeowners.

Power settings

One of the critical properties of the pressure washer is the force the machine uses to clean a surface. The machine gives you the ability to have the power in your control while washing your car or during wall cleaning. The average pressure washer used at home has a pounds per square inch (PSI) of 1600 to 3000, which is more than enough to get your driveway or swimming pool looking all new. The machine also gives you options to toggle which pressure settings you need for each job.

Hose length and material

The hose length is among the critical wall mounted pressure washer features. This is because the hose length is at least 100 feet long, making it easy to move to every corner of your home quickly. The hoses have quality materials that make them durable, kink-proof, and easily retractable with a button.

Made for convenience

Another key feature of the Giraffe Tools wall mounted pressure washer is that it is customized to make cleaning easy. Whenever you think about cleaning, the picture or bending over, scrubbing a particular point with a brush, and carrying water around comes into mind. With a pressure washer, you need to connect your washer, turn it on, and direct the nozzle to a specific place. This machine makes it easy for you to handle any cleaning in your home without calling for professional cleaners.


The pressure washer accessories are another fundamental property of the machine, as they are designed to make your work easier. These accessories are power nozzles and the soap nozzle, which helps spray the soap evenly across your surfaces. These machines also come with a hose reel and an automatic retractable hose function. These add-ons make it easy to clean surfaces easily and prevent you from using extra energy while cleaning.


The pressure washer has evolved from being used in an industrial setting to a commonly used household tool. However, knowing its key features helps understand why it’s a popular tool. Browse our website and get a quality Giraffe Tools wall mounted pressure washer today.