Warranty On The Battery Bought From Acdelco Fuel Pump?

Most people who buy batteries from acdelco fuel pump ask about the warranty. If you face any problem while using the battery, you can just contact the customer support service. But if you just want to know about the warranty, here is your answer.

An original battery that comes directly from acdelco fuel pump has a warranty of more or less than 3 years. If you consider it in terms of distance, it’s equivalent to 36k miles. But this warranty is for specific (small) vehicles. For bigger vehicles, the warranty period extends to 4 years or 50k miles also. This indicates that, if your battery stops working during this tenure, the company is responsible for that. The company will either pay you for that or will replace the battery. Most of the time, the company just takes it from the consumer and returns it after some repair.

How to read the “warranty date code” on the battery

If you want to read the “warranty date code” on the battery bought from acdelco fuel pump then check the top part of the battery contains a code named as warranty date code. The first alphabet in most cases is either P or S. The next two digits you’ll observe indicate the month. While the 3rd digit shows the year and the 4th digit lets you know about the manufacturing plant. For example, a warranty code written as S 027N indicates that the battery was made in February 2007.

In case you don’t know much about their warranty policy, let’s take a look at it. The warranty may not cover:

  • Discharged or rechargeable batteries and the cost for their recharge
  • Labor cost paid during installation or removal
  • Any kind of damage occurred because of an accident, negligence, system failure, or any such reason.
  • Failure that has occurred outside the country

So, it’s important to read & understand the instructions before going to ask them to repair your battery.

Other applied terms from acdelco fuel pump

The warranty is given by the company for all kinds of batteries. But no company offers a lifetime warranty. The reason is that it will make them pay in the long run. So, they specify a time period in which they will offer the services. If, after that period, you face any issue with your battery, you’ll have to contact a professional privately. The company will not entertain you.

Some companies do offer a discount to their customers in case of an issue after the warranty period. But this is just another way to attract the customers. However, if you aren’t planning to buy a new battery, they won’t convince you. But they’ll surely tell you the benefits of installing a new battery. So, it is up to you to decide which option you are going for. If the options given to you by the company seem budget-friendly, don’t waste any time and ask them to install a new one. This will surely help you in the long run.